Welcome to Reinoso´s family

Since 1950 the productive experience of Agrofruta Tocornal has been developing through its founder and renowned farmer Don Guillermo Reinoso Lillo, giving his legacy to his children and grandchildren who currently dedicate their efforts to fruit production incorporating the values of professionalism, respect and loyalty transmitted by him.

The privileged location of its orchards in the Aconcagua Valley near the Andes Mountains; whose characteristics of a Mediterranean climate with high rainfall in winter, no spring rains and a dry summer, with an altitud at 860 meters above sea level, are the key to obtaining optimal quality and condition in the production of our fruits.

We have a solid, modern, efficient, agile and flexible structure with the capacity to deliver our products at the port terminals or at the facilities of its clients. In our collaborators we especially value honesty, loyalty, sincerity, solidarity and long-term ties.



The privileged location of our orchards next to the Andes Mountains with a Mediterranean climate, no spring rains and a dry summer, with an altitude of 860 meters above sea level, are key in achieving the quality of our fruits.